1. what are neopronouns?
2. common neopronouns
3. who can use neopronouns?
4. neopronouns + autism
5. neopronouns + culture
6. FAQ


neopronouns are a set of (usually) gender neutral pronouns commonly used by trans or gnc individuals. pronouns are simply a set of words that are used in place of someone's name, and therefore do not have an inherently implied gender, just as someone's name does not inherently equal their gender. neopronouns are common and have been around for years, with the first known set of neopronouns thought to be created by Charles Crozat Converse in 1858 (thon/thons). furthermore, many other cultures and languages have had neopronouns for many years before that.


here are some common neopronouns and how to use them!
following this format: he/him/his/his/himself


you can also use the pronouny website to make your own pronouns visib;le!


neopronouns are for people who have a complex relationship with gender! although many neopronouns were coined by neurodivergent people, people use neopronouns for other reasons. if the pronouns make you comfortable, then you can use them. there are more sets of neopronouns than the ones i listed, so feel free to do some of your own searching if you think you want to use neopronouns but none of those feel right!


as i've said before, many neopronouns have been coined by neurodivergent people. the reason for this is because neurodivergent people tend to have a special relationship with gender, especially autistic people. many (not all) autistic people have difficulty understanding gender because it is, at its core, a social construct. since we have trouble understanding gender the same way allistic people do, we use neopronouns for comfort in our identities.


another common reason someone may use neopronouns is that english is not their first language, and/or they are part of a culture where gender does not have the same standards and binary limitations as is common for most european cultures. when this is the case, many people will use neopronouns because none of the other common pronouns in the english language accurately express their identity or carry properly back into their culture.


Q: can i use neopronouns?
A: if it makes you comfortable, yes!

Q: why not just use they/them?
A: pronouns are supposed to make someone comfortable, and those pronouns might not!

Q: i don't understand how to use these pronouns in conversation
A: respectfully ask the person who is using them, or google them to see if there is already a guide!

Q: aren't these pronouns just made up?
A: you've got it! every word in the entire english language is made up!

Q: don't these pronouns make cis people disrespect us?
A: transphobia makes cis people disrespect us! disrespecting your fellow trans peers will do nothing to change that, it will just create a divide in our community.

Q: how am i being ableist by mocking neopronouns?
A: many neopronouns were created by autistic people because we have a special relationship with gender that allistics don't understand

Q: how am i being xenophobic by mocking neopronouns?
A: many people use neopronouns because eng is not their first language and these pronouns express their identity better

Q: but my trans friend said-
A: it doesn't matter! your trans friend is being disrespectful and so are you!

Q: aren't these pronouns demeaning?
A: if they make someone comfortable and don't harm someone, they aren't demeaning at all

Q: i'm still confused. how do i learn more?
A: dm me or send me a cc and i will do my best to explain!

Q: where can i contact you for more information?
A: the way to contact me is listed on the home page!